Blockystar stops, retains and protects doors and windows (8 in 1)

Blockystar is characterized by its versatility, efficiency and ease of use.
It's made of a plastic deformable material. It can be shaped as needed and after being used it goes back to its original shape.

No tools, glue or drilling are necessary for its installation. It can be placed and removed easily.

It's suitable for any type of surface and it can be used in both home interiors and exteriors.

Its triangular shape, its inner hole, its 3 dented sides and its material allow it to be placed in both doors and windows, according to every need:

  • In the hinges (doors and windows), to keep them open (its heightened position prevents children and pets from reaching it).
  • As a wedge (doors), to hold the door open at a particular angle.
  • As a door stopper: to allow the normal opening and closing of the doors but stopping them from hitting and damaging walls or furniture.
  • In the inner frame (doors and windows): to stop them from closing and stop them from slamming.
  • On the handle (doors and windows): to avoid them hitting and damaging walls or furniture.

Blockystar is designed and made in CE.